Nirmal Raja

Nirmal Raja is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee. She approaches her practice as a process of sifting and communicating sensations and ideas with varied materials and processes. Conceptually driven and thematic, her work straddles the personal and the political and is a response to lived experiences that are distilled and strengthened by research in the studio and through reading. She examines notions of memory, identity, place and belonging. Performative collaborations with other artists and the larger community have recently become part of her practice. Occasionally, she curates exhibitions and organizes and facilitates situations that articulate moments of connection and empathy. She is a mentor for Milwaukee Artists Resource Network’s mentorship program. She has participated in solo and group shows in the Midwest, nationally and internationally.


2020  Four Stories, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN

2020  Cartography Of Desire, February 8- March 20, Catherine G. Murphy                       Gallery, St. Paul, MN

2019  Wrapping Air In Cloth - and other seemingly impossible acts, The Alice                 Wilds Gallery, Milwaukee

2019  Points of Departure, Ruth Davis Design Gallery, School of Human                          Ecology, University of Wisconsin - Madison 

2019  Water, Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg, WI 

2019  Spark, Frank Juarez Gallery, Milwaukee, WI 

2019  On Belonging, The Warehouse, Milwaukee, WI 

2019  Mundane Wonder, Grove Gallery, Milwaukee, WI 

2019  MARN Mentor/Mentee show RedLine, Milwaukee, WI 

2019  Transmission, Quad Gallery, Riverside City College, CA 

2019  Hanji Translated, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai, India 

2018  Water Works, RedLine Milwaukee 

2018  Grounds for Change, Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, CA 

2018  Indiana Green, Parts Unknown Studio, Milwaukee 

2018  Look Here! Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee 

2017  TimeLine, Redline Milwaukee 

2017  Collective Exhibition, Var Gallery, Milwaukee 

2017  Transplant Eyes, Walkers Point Center for The Arts, Milwaukee 

2017  Archival Alchemy, Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY 

2017  Ornate/Activate, Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee 

2017  Accumulation, New work by Nirmal Raja and Leslie Vansen, Ploch                        Gallery, Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for The Arts, Brookfield, WI 

2016  Forward 2016: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now, Charles Allis Museum,                 Milwaukee 

2016  Transplant Eyes, Instinct Art Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 

2016  Sifting, Solo exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery, University of Wisconsin-               Parkside, Kenosha, WI 

2016  Drawing Broadly Speaking, Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee 

2016  Material Girls, Sabin Aell, Nina Ghanbarzadeh and Nirmal Raja,                             Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design 

2016   Origin 8: Abstract Artists Invitational, Pfister Pop Up Gallery, Milwaukee 

2016   Beyond Language, Nirmal Raja and Nina Ghanbarzadeh, Jazz Gallery,                  Milwaukee 

2016   Confluence, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Hyderabad, India 



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