On the Wing: A Sketchbook Project

ON THE WING is Portrait Society Gallery's not-for-profit affiliation which supports art related activities for under-served adult populations. 


Initiated in 2017, classes have been conducted weekly at the House of Peace in Milwaukee where participants gather to draw in sketchbooks. When the books are finished, On the Wing purchases them for $50. The eventual goal is to found a public library for sketchbooks by On The Wing participants and professional artists. 

The name “On the Wing” comes from the idea that working in a sketchbook provides a departure or flight from daily stresses and distractions. The creative process absorbs our attention, letting us travel freely into zones of experimentation. Sharing this practice at a table with others fosters a special sense of exchange.

A sketchbook, by nature, does not demand perfection. It offers a continuous, opened hearted invitation to create an ideal world or find visual definition for a less-than-ideal world.

On the Wing is a non-profit organization partnered with the veteran's theater group Feast of Crispian. In 2020, OTW expanded its mission to create a curatorial platform to support and initiate projects that operate across societal divides, bridging places and populations that have suffered from marginalization, discrimination, and poverty. 

Please consider making a donation!

All of the money raised goes toward the curatorial development of projects including the purchasing sketchbooks, pens/pencils and paint sets, arranging collaborative relationships with shelters and other non-profits who serve diverse populations, running a weekly class at House of Peace, administering and promoting the project, and funding the purchase of finished sketchbooks. 

-A $10 donation purchases a sketchbook.
-A $20 donation purchases sketchbook and pen set.
-A $50 donation pays one participant for their sketchbook. 
-A $100 donation completes the full cycle of one sketchbook. 
-More than $100 says "YES!" Make this happen. 'Great idea to integrate the established art world with populations who might llack access in a shared endeavor to tap the power of authorship and invention.' Sometimes, the most simple gesture, like signing your name, underscores a sense of self. Think what a whole sketchbook might do!

Thank you so much for your support! 


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