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HOURS: Thursday through Saturday noon to 5 p.m.

207 E. Buffalo Street, Suite 526, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Portrait Society is a contemporary art gallery with a broad roster of emerging and established artists. Established in 2008, the gallery showcases predominantly regional artists who cross boundaries of economics, gender, and race. Portrait Society is interested in project driven bodies of work that explore the concepts and ideas of making art about identity, presence, social interaction and community. The gallery seeks to expand the ways in which art is shown, inspire contact and dialog, and foster a sense of community within its orbit. The gallery is interested in artists who are often unheard or under-recognized and represents an impressive roster of self-taught artists, including Bernard Gilardi, Romano Johnson, Rosemary Ollison, and Della Wells.

deb by skully painting.jpg

Gallery Director: Debra Brehmer is an art historian who has curated numerous exhibitions and written about art for various publications for 20 years. She regularly writes for the national art publication  Hyperallergic. She was also the founder, publisher and editor of Art Muscle Magazine.

Gallery Manager/Registrar: Paul Salsieder

Gallery Director Debra Brehmer (Photo by Art Elkon).

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