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Spotlight on the Portrait Society Gallery’s tucked-away 

enclave of creativity:

April 2019

Milwaukee Magazine 

The Disturbing Yet Hopeful Paintings of an Outsider Artist

March 2019


The Strange, Singular Vision of Milwaukee Outsider Artist Bernard Gilardi

March 2019


New York Art Galleries: What to See Right Now; Bernard Gilardi’s first New York show

March 2019

The New York Times

Crazy Cartoonish Colors

March 2019

Urban Milwaukee

Steve Burnham's Bizarre Portraiture at Portrait Society

January 2019

Shepard Express

A Mixed-Up, Muddled-Up, Shook-Up World

January 2019

Urban Milwaukee

A rare Journal Sentinel photojournalism exhibit explores families' housing and education struggles

July 2018

Journal Sentinel

A World Created With A Pencil

April 2017

Urban Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Unmissable Contemporary Art Galleries

October 2016




The sparkling rise of artist Romano Johnson

October 2016

Wisconsin State Journal

Art City: Della Wells connects generations of black artists

August 2016

Journal Sentinel

Gallery Night & Day: Rosemary Ollison's healing quilts

April 2016

Journal Sentinel 

Profile of Portrait Society Gallery:

October 2014

Temporary Art Review

Portrait Society's Growing Vision:

August 2012

Shepherd Express

Portrait Society Gallery Reimagined:

November 2012


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