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(Art + Protest is currently on view at the Kenosha Creative Space, through May 8, 2021.)


Art + Protest 

Art + Protest will continue to develop, evolve, and grow until early September. The project includes a video room featuring “This is Milwaukee,” a series of interviews where 86 individuals discuss citizenship, democracy, and community. It was produced by Mary Louise Schumacher and Kevin Miyazaki. 

Art work by Mutope Johnson, Akira Mabon, Waldek Dynerman, Sharon Kerry Harlan, Shiloah Coley, Mary Hood, Eli Rosenblatt, Della Wells, M. Winston, as well as locally designed posters and t-shirts by Webster X, Kevin Callahan, VIEWS, Art Build Workers, and others will be on view. 

In the main room, PSG will also present a floor to ceiling installation of protest signs that will be gifted to Special Collections at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to archive, preserving the history of this moment. A series of images of the Milwaukee protests by photographers Anthony Boyd, Pat A. Robinson, and LaTasha Lux will be projected.

During open gallery hours, there will be an area for visitors to make their own protest signs. The signs can either be added to the show or taken to the streets. 



Special Event: Print. Resist. Persist! 
The Center for Collaborative Research will park its Press on Wheels in front of the Marshall building and offer a FREE live printmaking event on Saturday, September 5. T-shirts, posters, and signs can be hand printed on site. More information soon. 


Photo by Anthony Boyd, 2020. 

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