Todd Olson

Todd Olson began painting due to the inspiration of his artist partner Lon Michels. His acrylic paintings, while influenced by the vivid color and detail of Michels, possess their own spirit. Playful, dense fields of pattern create a pulsating joyous impact in these works.

Olson has exhibited at the University of California; Palm Springs Art Museum, CA; Smith Vargas Fine Art in Palm Springs, CA; Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI; University of Riverside, CA; Common Wealth Galleries, Madison; Overture Center Galleries, Madison. He produced and directed the documentary film, “The Last Supper by Lon Michels,” in 2011.


Review, Shepherd Express, Kat Kneevers


2017     Husband & Husband, Portrait Society Gallery,                                    Milwaukee, WI

Historic Third Ward, 207 E. Buffalo St. Ste. 526 Milwaukee, WI 53202

Hours: Thurs-Sat noon to 5 p.m. 

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