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Artist's Statement

The state of reverie is like viewing a transparent film through which we can still see the physical world around us. Within this multidimensionality, one world adheres to the constraints of time and space and the other adheres to emotion, nostalgia, intuition, obsession, and fantasy. My work takes place in both dimensions, indulging in fantastical imagery to heighten the visibility of the emotional within autobiographical narratives that center experiences of longing, eternal waiting, and feminine self-consciousness.


In my work I define the self as a collection of egos, each of whom are called upon for specific strengths, wisdom, and coping in each situation. The egos of my work include the mother figure, the inner child, wild and domestic creatures, the feminine divine, and alter egos, informed by myself, those around me, and the beings I meet in literature, art, and nature. The dichotomy of loathing and adoring my body and the self-consciousness that persists presents in my work through the creation of a fantasy world where characters interact with their bodies with vulnerability, unrepentant confidence, freedom, or incognizance. These bodies can be mysteriously and grotesquely beautiful, with saturated colors, patterns and textures, or gooey materials.


Making autobiographical work is an intuitive process that keeps me alert to the details in my daily surroundings and experiences. I am constantly collecting (not always in a physical sense) phrases, objects, images, and stories through lived experiences (present and remembered), literature, art, and pop culture. Imagery derived from my process creates meaning through making connections between things, for example a rabbit playing dead and an onion submerged in winter earth. A non-linear interpretation of life emerges, nostalgic and sentimental, warping time through the stretching and examination of a moment.

Spun around in our souls.jpeg

Ashley Lusietto. Spun Around in Our Souls, 2020.

Flashe on paper. 10 x 7 inches.

Eaten by doubts.jpeg

Ashley Lusietto. Eaten by Doubts, 2020.

Flashe on paper. 10 x 7 inches.

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