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2020  Outsider Art Fair, New York, Portrait Society Gallery.

2016  Light and Dark, Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwangju, South Korea.

2014  Apocalyptic Surrealism, Tiapapata Art Centre, Samoa.

2013  HEY! II, Halle Saint Pierre Museum, Paris, France.

2011  Daniel Martin Diaz and Norbert H. Kox, Le Galerie TOXIC, Luxembourg.

2009  Last Chance Apocalypse, Le Galerie TOXIC, Luxembourg.

2008  Sacred Pastures, Horse Hospital, London, England.

2005  Diabolique: Images of the Devil in Contemporary Art, Walkers Point Art Center, Milwaukee.

2004  Perfect Picture Jesus: The Glamorous Fraud, America Oh Yes Gallery, Washington DC.

2003  Unquiet Voices, Horse Hospital, London, England.

2001  Deep Waters: Glory and Shame, LaLuz de Jesus Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


La Maison Rouge. Paris, France

American Visionary Art Museum. Baltimore, MD

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art. Chicago, IL

Neville Museum. Green Bay, WI

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