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Meg Lionel Murphy works from rural Wisconsin where she produces paintings for exhibition in galleries and museums throughout the US. Her recent solo shows include “Traumatica Dramatica” at The Untitled Space Gallery (New York), “Interior Violence” at CoExhibitions Gallery (Minneapolis), and solo booths with SPRING/BREAK Art Show (New York and Los Angeles). Recent group shows include “10 @ 10” at The Wisconsin Museum of Art, “Pleasure Garden” at Laurie Shapiro Gallery (Los Angeles), and “In Her World” at Voltz Clark (New York). She is a recipient of Gener8tor Art grant and accelerator program. Her work has been acquired by the Minnesota Museum of American Art.


Murphy’s artwork has been featured Murphy’s artwork has been featured in a variety of publications including Hyperallergic, Artnet News, Bitch Magazine, Forbes, The Art Career Podcast, GirltalkHQ, Art Publika, Interlocateur, Tartarus, Mutual Art, Brown Paper Bag, MPLS Art, Mulieris Magazine, Neut Magazine, 360Magazine, and The Untitled Magazine.



My paintings imagine traumatized femme bodies that magically grow into a monstrous size. The construct allows me to imagine what healing might look like in the aftermath of violence. There is no safety in our world, so I imagine paths of transformation within otherworldly realms. By drawing on a range of folk, religious, and psychological frameworks, the art depicts new myths of what “safety” might look even as wounds from trauma dig deep into the body, mind, and mood.

Meg Lionel Murphy in front of her 2021 painting Traumatica Dramatica

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